Peak Health Alliance

The Peak Health Alliance is a health care purchasing cooperative with the goal of reducing health care premiums, while maintaining local and high quality care, through the power of community collaboration. Peak was able to reduce premiums in Summit County, CO by 20% and we hope to reduce premiums in the Southwest Health Alliance region by 5-10%. Our goal is to have a Peak Plan available to individuals, employers, and self-insured groups by January 2021.  

Southwest Health Alliance

The Southwest Health Alliance is affiliated with the Peak Health Alliance, a licensed health care purchasing cooperative serving Colorado. The Southwest Health Alliance is working in La Plata, Montezuma, San Juan, and Dolores Counties .

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The Southwest Health Alliance is only $25,000 away from meeting its funding goal of $100,000 to release a product in the marketplace January 2021. You can help us get to the finish line by donating today. Any donation over $1,000 will be featured on our website. Thank you! Call Monique for more information (970-799-6618 x1) or donate online below.


Values and Principles

Affordable health care available to all.

Benefit the community and local economy.

Reduce economic leakage and allow for a local choice.


Negotiate to maintain the best interest of the community at large, and not special interest groups. 

Emphasis on data, evidence, and performance metrics.



Steering Committee

Monique DiGiorgio

Local First

Patrick Gerstenberger, MD

Gary Keil

American Heritage Railways

Liane Jollon

San Juan Basin Public Health

Jack Llewellyn

Durango Chamber of Commerce

Doug McCarthy


Nanette Penz-Reuter


Suzanne Phare

The Durango Network 

Durango Chamber of Commerce

Guinn Unger

Healthcare Durango

Tim Wheeler

Local First Foundation 

Briggen Wrinkle

Community Foundation Serving Southwest Colorado