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The 2021 Be Local Coupon Book

For the first time ever, purchase your Be Local Coupon Book without the crowds and mayhem. It’s COVID-friendly and includes a slick new app of additional coupons. Pick up your book at Maria’s one week before they go on sale. Only 1,000 available!

The coupons in the app will be unique to the app and only available to Localists who have already purchased a book online. We will e-mail you when the app is ready sometime in early November, so you can create a username and password and download the app onto your phone!

Buy the Book

Special, COVID-friendly limited edition!

Take a selfie, get $5 donated to Local First!

Images of two people taking selfies with the coupon for a $5 donation from the Payroll Department, found on page 125 of the 2020 Be Local Coupon Book.
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On page 125 of the 2020 Be Local Coupon Book is a Payroll Department coupon for a $5 donation to the Local First Foundation for our work to support local self-reliance. If everyone redeemed their $5 coupon, we would raise $20,000 towards our efforts! 

In light of COVID-19, we’ve gotten creative with ways that you can redeem your coupon:

  • Take a selfie with your coupon and post it to Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to tag Local First! (Bonus points for tagging other local businesses you love!)
  • Send us your selfie through direct message on Facebook or Instagram
  • Email us your selfie at
  • Drop off your coupon at Maria’s Bookshop (960 Main Ave.)

The 3 most creative selfies will win a free 2021 coupon book or a gift card to Pine Needle Mountaineering!

You can still use the 2020 Be Local Coupon Book until 11.1.2020

Localism is about you.

Localism is about community. It’s about connections with your place, and the people that live in it. It’s about good jobs and a strong economy. It’s about having access to healthy food, clean air, and renewable energy. It’s about local politics, and businesses taking care of their employees and the planet. It’s about your neighbor and your child. 


And it starts with a mindset. It starts by believing that you make a difference right here in the community that you live in, with the money that you spend and the choices you make. As a localist you realize the powerful impact your decisions can have, and you use that power to make our home the best place it can be! 

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Love where you live, get involved and meet great people. 

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All donations include:

  • A chance to connect with other like-minded people who love their place
  • I Love Local sticker!
  • Subscription to the Local Lowdown newsletter
  • All donations are tax deductible, the Local First Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit