Clean Energy Jobs* in Colorado

  • Colorado’s clean energy industry is significant and growing, employing more than 62,000 workers in 2015.
  • Employers expect the clean energy sector to grow 2 percent over the next year, adding 1,474 more jobs.
  • After the Denver metro area (46,244 jobs), Boulder and Fort Collins-Loveland have the most clean energy workers (2,757 and 2,365 respectively).
  • La Plata County has 783 clean energy jobs compared to Archuleta with 150, San Juan with 16, and Montezuma with 177.
  • Of the total number of clean energy jobs in Colorado, 14,000 are in the renewable energy sector.

La Plata County has the solar resources to grow its clean energy jobs, and producing local, renewable energy can expand our range of attractive, resilient employment.

*Clean energy jobs range from energy efficiency to renewables to clean fuels.

Citation: Clean Jobs Colorado, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) (January 2017)