In the December 22nd blog post, an LPEA long-term strategy sub-committee was briefly mentioned. This subcommittee was recommended by LPEA Director Guinn Unger (District 4) as a way to examine the long-term future of LPEA and how to both decrease rates while increasing our utilization of local, clean energy.

Who doesn’t want to think long-term when considering business plans, your home, or the future of your child? Apparently, the LPEA Board of Directors do not have a majority when it comes to setting the course for a long-term strategy on behalf of its members. And yet, it is the Boar’d fiduciary responsibility to do just that – think of the future. 

At the January 17th Board meeting, 6 out of the 11 members presented voted in favor of such a subcommittee, but one member was not present. One would think an 11 out of 11 vote on this type of subcommittee would be forthcoming.  The committee will be tasked with evaluating scenarios for energy needs in the next 10 to 15 years and reporting back to the full Board of Directors.  The committee will be in place from January 17, 2018 until May 12, 2018 (the annual meeting). At the first meeting they will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the committee and report back to the Board. The meetings will be open for members and the public to attend.

What Local First Did and Why: Local First regularly attends the LPEA Board of Director meetings held the third Wednesday of the month in Bodo Park. These board meetings allow public comment in the first portion of the meeting. Along with our energy future partners, we attend and comment on matters of importance to our community. Today, Local First supported Director Unger’s long-term strategy subcommittee as a way to examine alternatives to our current situation that would allow us to see both a decrease in rates as well as an increase in local, renewable energy utilization. Opponents and proponents to the subcommittee (about 50/50) voiced their thoughts for over 45 minutes at the meeting.

UPDATE: At the February 21st board meeting, the results of the first and only authorized meeting of this subcommittee will be discussed. Local First is concerned that the board will not support the continuation of this committee, so we plan to attend the board meeting to support thinking long-term